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​Reduce risk, comply with the latest regulations and improve profitability with our assurance templates

​Our assurance engagements are guaranteed to exceed expectations, reduce risk, comply with the latest regulations and improve profitability

A powerful automated solution that streamlines your entire review engagement. Ensures a fast, paperless independent review that is compliant with the International Standards on Review Engagements.

Benefits of Probe Review

Efficiency and mitigation of risk

Preliminary analytical review helps users identify the most useful relationships, form a considered expectation and identify areas likely to be misstated.


The instinctual review methodology intelligently adjusts to each client’s risk profile – eliminating unnecessary work.


Create one engagement file that can be used by the preparer of the financial statements and the independent reviewer.

With a fully integrated audit methodology and built-in compliance with IFRS, IFRS for SMEs, IPSAS and the International Standards on Auditing, there's no better way to automate your practice. Combined with CaseWare Working Papers, Audit International is an efficient solution for performing assurance, analysis and reporting engagements. For more information download the Audit International brochure here.

Benefits Audit International

Optimised auditing

Build the most appropriate work programs based on criteria defined by your firm.

Enhanced functionality

With our next-generation report writer, work programs and checklists are more user-friendly.

Built-in libraries

Extensive knowledge libraries of standard audit procedures mean you're never starting from scratch.

Management of risks and controls

Record, track and summarise risks and controls with a centralised tracking system.

CaseWare Africa has teamed up with Protect-a-Partner International to develop an automated template that will completely change the way you view quality control. The ISQC1 template streamlines the implementation of the standard – a process that would have once taken hours.

Benefits of ISQC1

Saves time

Eliminate irrelevant procedures and documents.

Centralises data storage

Store checklists and other documents in one central location making management of the standard 10 times more efficient.

Allows you to focus on what’s important

The template graphically represents threats and safeguards status.

Keeps track of changing compliance

Our content experts keep you updated with ever-changing standards.

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